Women on Walls at RCSI in partnership with Accenture is a campaign that seeks to make women leaders visible through a series of commissioned portraits that will create a lasting cultural legacy for Ireland.

These portraits will recognise the pioneering achievements of eight extraordinary women and enhance the visibility of historical female leaders in healthcare. The portraits are now hanging in the Board Room of RCSI on St Stephen’s Green in Dublin’s city centre.

But who were these women? What was their story?

Each of these eight women faced challenges, hardships and prominent decisions in their career during a time in Ireland when women were expected to stay at home. They were pioneers, determined and focused to raise standards in both Irish and international health care and they dedicated their lives fighting for others.

Here are their stories.

Read more about the #womenonwalls campaign here: https://www.accenture.com/ie-en/women-on-walls

Dean Mary Frances Crowley

Dean Mary Frances Crowley had a dream! To establish a Faculty of Nursing and raise the professional development of nursing in Ireland. She dedicated her…

Continue reading → Dean Mary Frances Crowley

Dr. Barbara Maive Stokes

Dr. Barbara Maive Stokes was a paediatrician who dedicated her time to championing the needs of people with intellectual disabilities. A woman who never took…

Continue reading → Dr. Barbara Maive Stokes

Dr. Emily Winifred Dickson

Dr. Emily Winifred Dickson was the first woman to receive a fellowship from RCSI in 1893. A woman who never allowed her gender to prevent…

Continue reading → Dr. Emily Winifred Dickson

Dr. Mary Somerville Parker Strangman

Dr. Mary Somerville Parker Strangman was a Fellow of RCSI, a suffragette and the first female politician in Co. Waterford in 1912. She used her…

Continue reading → Dr. Mary Somerville Parker Strangman

Dr. Victoria Coffey

Dr. Victoria Coffey was one of the first female paediatricians in Ireland. Working in a time when paediatrics was neglected and female doctors had to…

Continue reading → Dr. Victoria Coffey

Sr. Dr. Maura Lynch

Sr. Dr. Maura Lynch was a medical missionary who spent fifty years living and working in Africa – Angola and Uganda. Working as a surgeon…

Continue reading → Sr. Dr. Maura Lynch

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  1. Great idea – have you thought about doing something similar in the UK? The Royal College of GPS has a portrait painted of each of its Presidents, many of whom have been women, and behind each one is a story. Drop me a line if you’d like more info.


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