Wonder Women. They are all around us. In our new podcast series, we focus on our true love: Championing Women and all the amazing things they’re doing!

Each episode will profile a different wonder woman as we weave between their fabulous selves and their working lives. It’s a chance for us to delve beneath the hood to see what makes them tick as they build their empires (whatever shape that may be). While at the same time providing role models for other young women.

So join us as we learn the secrets to their success, what gets them pumped, do they have any fears, how they face challenges and what tips they have for you budding entrepreneurs.

Aine Mulloy

Aine Mulloy discusses the challenges of working in the male dominated world of tech.

Jade O’Connor

Multipotentialite Jade O’Connor talks about the challenges of juggling several careers at once.




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