Just back from a charity trek to the Artic, Ann O’Dea is a real life wonder woman.

Co-founder of Silicon Republic and InspireFest, Ann has spent the past seventeen something years cutting her cloth as an entrepreneur. Moving online to report the tech news when it was still a new space, Ann likes to stay ahead of the curve.

A champion of women in technology she’s strived to promote diversity in everything she does. And not just women, but ethnicity, sexuality, thought, you name it. Creating a space for celebration and inclusion has always been vital to her work.

Join us as we chat with Ann about that trek to the Artic for charity partner, Debra Ireland, the importance of diversity for a company’s progression and the challenges of being ahead of the curve.

Thanks to Ian Harkin, CEO & Founder of Lottie Dolls and Elena Rossini for the permission to use part of the short film they made about Taylor Richardson. You can watch the full film here and see more of the Lottie Dolls: Inspired by Real Kids films here.

Opening and closing credits music was Someways by Nicolai Heidlas.

If you love the show and want to hear more listen to our first three episodes here.

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