Aine Mulloy is one of three co-founders of female led tech company, GirlCrew, an online social network for women.

With the spotlight heavily focused on attaining equality for women in all workplaces, no industry is safe from its gaze. In particular the tech industry, which hasn’t escaped the label of sexism and extreme bias. But GirlCrew are shunning all stereotypes of what it used to mean to work in tech. As they power along releasing their app in 54 cities with currently over 100,000 members, Aine and her co-founders are sticking to their principles and working hard to get their voices heard.

Join us as we chat with Aine to find out what is her guiding principle? What mistakes she feels young tech companies often make? And how she deals with any fears she may have, despite running such a successful, ground breaking company.

A special thanks to Sharon Hughes and DIT Student’s Union for the use of Aine’s TEDx talk.

Opening and closing credits music was Someways by Nicolai Heidlas.


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