Ciara Gillan is an award winning producer. From working in radio and animation, to producing short films and the visual effects for TV programmes and films, Ciara’s ten plus years in media has provided her with a strong sense of story, an impressive production catalogue and a love of being creative. She has worked on animated TV series (Garth & Bev, Lifeboat Luke, Monster High), VFX feature films (Brooklyn, Pursuit, Badlands: Road to Fury) and produced content for The History Channel, Cbeebies, Mattel, Netflix, Nickelodeon, S4C and RTE. She has produced several award winning short films for RTE, The Irish Filmboard and Film Offaly. And she produced and presented a radio show, called In Conversation, for Dublin South FM back in 2012. 

In 2015, Ciara left a life of visual effects and animation to pursue a dream of audio storytelling. She was accepted to the Transom Story Workshop, the renowned audio production course in Cape Cod (the only Irish attendee so far). Her audio work has since been featured on RTE and US stations WGBH and WCAI.