In December Apple announced it was finally ready to share their podcast analytics with podcasters. This is a big win. Although only in Beta stage, the release of this information will help podcasters and their all important advertisers better understand their listeners. Who actually listens to a full episode? When are they tuning out? And what percentage simply download and never listen.

Many advertisers are hesitant to engage in podcasting due to a lack of understanding of listenership. Is their audience pressing that fabulous 15 second scroll through (I love it because I can rewind bits I’ve missed) and tuning out of their advert. Are they switching off at the end before their advert comes on. Or do they simply disengage the minute they hear that advert and switch off.

There is a fear that too much information will scare off an advertiser, however, if we continue to work blindly and not understand those who choose to listen, the industry will stagnate and never grow anyway.

Read a brief breakdown of the new features here. And more about why this will change the face of podcasting for the better.

Happy Listening x

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