As we all know the world of dating has changed considerably. Along with trying to meet someone through work, mutual friends or shared interests, online dating is now a respectable option for the lovelorn. I dabbled a bit in it myself recently enough, but will admit I ran for the hills, lamenting the old fashioned ways of falling in love. Perhaps if I’d listened to this podcast beforehand, I may have approached it all a bit differently.

When I started online dating, Tinder was the clear forerunner in hook up central. My short lived experience on it did seem to back up this theory. No meaningful connections. Blatant sex seeking text messages. Nevertheless, dating and the mechanics behind it has always intrigued me. So when I realised Tinder had a new podcast called DTR (Define the Relationship as one of my savvy single friends informed me) I knew I had to listen.

This 6 part series is a fun look behind the oft mind boggling world of Tinder. From how to spruce up your profile to get those matches, to deciphering the lameness of a ‘Hey’ message, to what happens when you let someone else take over the reins of your profile, this first series hits all the right buttons. It even provides an insight into some unexpected uses for Tinder goers.

I thoroughly enjoyed this short, concise, engaging series, so much so, I’ve already been recommending it to my single friends. Though it’s not just for their listening pleasure. It’s produced and conceived with a wider audience in mind. I will admit it has changed my opinion of Tinder, which is what is usually the aim of a branded podcast. And should I consider going back online, I now feel better equipped to understand what the opposite sex might be thinking when it comes to this superficial medium. In the meantime, I can recommend it as a fun and engaging show, that is bound to make you laugh (especially episode 2)

For more recommendations, try some fiction fun with The Truth or let Jarvis Cocker lead you through the world at night with Wireless Nights. Or just scroll through my blog for more suggestions.

Happy Listening x

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