There are so many fantastic podcasts for entrepreneurs and people in business that it’s kind of hard to choose one to review. So I’m going to start with the one that was first recommended to me: NPR’s How I Built This.

When I first got into podcasting, I did everything I could to steer away from the traditional idea of an interview. Two people in a studio with a mic talking away. I was repulsed by it. It epitomised everything I was trying to rebel against. However, when I listened to my first episode of How I Built This, I immediately knew this show had substance.

Firstly the host, Guy Raz, is exceptional. You may know his name as he also hosts the Ted Radio Hour (a Ted Talks Podcast). His style is captivating, his tone is warm and, above all else, he is informed. He’s done his homework and you can tell from his questions he’s really truly interested in his interviewees and their business lives. Sounds obvious but this level of preparedness makes for structured, tight interviews that reveal the key struggles and successes of these entrepreneurs, as the show is supposed to do. Not all ‘talk show’ hosts are capable of this.

While the format of the podcast was not always one I’d promote, I have come to realise it’s a brilliant example of how to produce an intimate, engaging interview. Something that is still quite popular in this world of flashy soundscapes.

Simplicity when done well is not to be sneered at.

Guests range from the Founder of Eden & Anais, to the Navy Seal behind to the TRX phenomenon to the creator of The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (this last one might not spark your interest but believe me it’s a great episode).

If you want to check out any more of my recommendations, head to my blog.

Happy Listening x

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