As much as I love my human interest stories, I’m equally as keen to gorge on fiction ones. That said, I’ve struggled to find as many.  (Check out my previous posts reviewing Welcome to Night Vale and The Bright Sessions for more fiction shows) So I was delighted when I discovered The Truth by Jonathan Mitchell. And it’s back catalogue, which feeds my growing habit while I wait for new episodes. Released every two weeks or so (and currently on hiatus), this show is a potbelly full of choice. The stories vary so wildly I can’t even begin to tell you what the series is about. So the best way is to, gasp! shock! horror! use their own words.

“THE TRUTH makes movies for your ears: short stories that are sometimes dark, sometimes funny, and always intriguing”.

Intriguing is right.

They’ve an episode, Miracle on the L train, where a woman needs to convince her fellow passengers of a message from God.

Another, Can You Help Me Find My Mom, about a girl who’s lost and no one will help her.

Another, Naughty or Nice, about an elf who gets a new job in the Naughty or Nice section of Santa’s workshop.

There’s even an Irish collaboration with Limerick studio Grey Heron Media called Man in the Barn.

Jonathan Mitchell is a story genius. While he has team of talented and bar setting creators and actors to hand, my understanding is he pretty much produces and sound designs every episode himself. His is the soul behind this show. In visual terms, it reminds me of Black Mirror, but without always feeling the need to impart a dark lesson. It is extremely creative, thought provoking, entertaining, at times topical and always visual. You are there with the players, walking through that park, sneaking into that barn, gliding across the ice or trapped in that submarine. It is honestly an aural feast.

What’s even more special about this show is that they record as much of it as live as possible. None of this in the studio with a bed of sound effects beneath you. Out of the street, riding around in a car, down in a submarine? Well, I would imagine it’s not possible for every episode but even the effort of trying to sound as real as possible has to be applauded.

There’s not much to dislike about this series. Some of the stories are a little off beat, which I love. Some may not hit the mark as successfully as others, but they are few and far between. If at all to be honest. I will say I’m always left wanting more. As the summer comes to an end I’m eagerly awaiting news of their new series. In the meantime I’m happily wading through their back catalogue, uncovering old Truths.

Happy listening xx

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