If you like to be shocked and laugh uncontrollably, catching your breath because you can’t believe what you’ve just heard, well, then, Risk is the podcast for you. Be warned, it is not for the faint hearted. That said, if you’re brave enough, you will delight on the rush of blood you feel with every episode.

Risk is a mix of live stories and pre-recorded narrated ones. They range from extremely personal, intimate tales of the speaker’s sex life, love life, past transgressions, deep dark secrets, some sad, some raw, some hilarious. And all true.

I applaud people courageous enough to air their dirty laundry on such a public platform. As a sometimes shy, dare I say, prudish Irish gal who couldn’t imagine telling a room full of strangers any of my sexual experiences, I have to admit I do enjoy blushing and giggling hearing other people tell their tales.

Though they are not all humorous stories. Some are tragic and too real. Some you could never comprehend or fathom in your wildest dreams. But hearing these people lean into the mic, choose their words, choke on their memories will melt even the coldest of hearts.

If I had to nit pick one small thing, it would be the presenter, Kevin Allison. I wouldn’t go as far as to say he’s irritating. His voice is just a little grating. And I’m really nit picking here. Thankfully his ego is in check and he knows his Risk stories are far more worthy of air time than any musings he might have. But such is the balance of presenter led shows. Be clear, it would be a very different experience if he was constantly talking between stories.

All that said, he recently released the 350th episode so he must be doing something right.

Nevertheless, if you’re not used to listening to live recorded shows, and maybe not ready for the risqué manner of these tales, why not start with Mortified. A live recorded show where people read from their childhood diaries. You will cringe with the best of them and laugh to your hearts content.

For the rest of you naughty so-and-so’s ready to dive right in, Risk is well worth a listen.

Happy Listening xx

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