I have to admit, I get a kick out giving podcast recommendations. Leading friends and acquaintances to this beautiful sea of audio, full of choice and expectation. And later listening as they tell me what they loved. And hated. I’ll never forget how I first discovered them. What joy it brought to my life. All these new voices and fantastic stories. Honestly nothing I’d ever heard before. And my friend’s excitement at opening this world for me. Admittedly, he did say at one point, ‘I’m kind of sad you’ll never have a quiet moment again’. And that stuck with me. But on reflection, I think he underestimated our relationship with podcasts. Their accessibility means that I don’t have to listen when I don’t want to. I can download and save for later. Or I can pause and snap back to reality to do something else, before choosing when and where suits me to listen again.

Podcasts really are for everyone. It’s just a case of getting started. Whether you’re an iPhone or Android user, prefer to listen on your computer or simply don’t have a clue how to get on this train, fear not. Here’s some info that will get you going. Once you have your preferred podcast player, you can search for a subject that interests you. From business, politics, comedy, sex, true crime, fiction, art, design, science and many more, including weird and wonderful stories. Anything you can imagine, someone has for sure made a podcast for it. You can chow down on a 10 minuter or indulge in an hour long session with your favourite host. So far, I’ve only met one person who was disappointed when she tried to shake off her podcast virginity. And my advice to her: Go it alone. Find what suits you. While taking recommendations is great to set you off on this journey, you need to find what you like. It is personal taste. Ira Glass is a hero to many but it took me three attempts to get used to his voice. I’m not a big fan of Invisiblia, an NPR queen of shows. One of Ireland’s most popular shows An Irishman Abroad honestly leaves me cold. The former, I probably haven’t given enough time to. The latter, well the host irritates me. And often that’s the case with why someone switches off.

So, with all this in mind, welcome to the new podcast strand of my blog. Where I’ll be, predominantly, giving podcast recommendations. Ha, going against my own advice! But hopefully some of you will find something you love and can share with others. Or if not, well then tell me what you recommend. Lots of space below to comment.

Here’s a post I wrote last year with some audio suggestions.

This week’s recommendation is:

Welcome to Night Vale

Welcome To NightvaleI am embarrassed to say that I have been extremely slow on the uptake with this show. Oh my, how I have missed out. If you like fiction, satire, weirdness, comedy and one single sultry, smooth radio voice then this is the show for you. I’ve tried a few times to explain the premise of this show to friends and have failed miserably. It really is one you just need to start listening to. Go in at the start – episode 1 and enjoy. Set in a small, desert town in middle America, a local community radio station host fills us in on the daily news and events of Night Vale.

What’s even more exciting is if you like what you hear, they’re doing a live show in the National Concert Hall on September 28th. Get your tickets here.

Alphacolor 13

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