The great thing about Christmas is all the goodies you get. Okay, there’s family time thrown in there too but let’s face it, we like the holidays so we can chill out and take some me time. Well, Santa was very good to me this year and brought some nice beauty treats my way. And it also made me think it was time to check in about my Liz Earle experience so far.

The main thing I was looking forward to from Santa was a voucher to try the Express Brightening Enzyme Facial from Oslo Beauty. Apparently this is little firecracker of a facial, only 25 mins long, is exactly what you need if you don’t have time and money for more expensive treatments. Because I don’t get facials regularly or really often enough, I’m hesitant to spend a lot of money until I know I like the products they use and the people who are doing the treatment. I’ve heard this facial will cover all your facial needs whilst also keeping within budget – €50. Not bad. I’ll report back.

I also got a Sanctuary salt scrub. This brand knows how to do scrubs. Pretty delicate on the skin, not too harsh on the pocket and it still feels like something luxurious. And you’ve such soft, silky smooth skin afterwards. Also what I love about it is how you use it. You don’t need to be bone dry to begin with, which can often be quite irritating. Simply because sometimes I forget and get wet before I remember I wanted to exfoliate. So you drench your skin and then massage it in. Or, if you’ve time, you can massage it in to dry skin then soak in a lovely warm bath! Perfect for the gal on the go or a winter treat! Can’t wait!

I’ve been on my new Liz Earle regime for over two months and I have to admit it took me a while to settle in to it. I love the process of the gentle cleanser with the warm muslin cloth to help exfoliate the skin. This has really rejuvenated my skin but I was shocked at how much I broke out. And it wasn’t like a week long break out. My skin had spots for a good while. Long enough to make me consider returning to my old products. It’s cleared now (I should add that I’ve been under a lot of stress recently, which could have added to the breakout) but for someone who’s always had quite good skin it was hard to digest. I want to believe it had nothing to do with my new regime. I do think the amount of water I was drinking or not drinking was having an impact. It really is key to the health of your skin. And in fairness, it was a complete overhaul of my regime so spots were inevitable but I do still get them, which at my age seems a little unusual. I have invested again in the brand and bought a new set of the same products but I’ll be keeping a beady eye on my skin.

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