liz-earleLook what I got this morning!!

I never get things in the post so this was lovely surprise – I did order it. I just didn’t expect it so soon!

I wouldn’t usually be one of those people who obsessed about her skin but since turning thirty a few years ago I’ve noticed some changes. I was very happy with my current skin care regime. I would use La Roche Posay face wash in the morning and night, followed by their Hydraphase moisturiser and Bobbi Brown’s eye cream. Some times if I’m very tired or don’t have hot water, I’ll use La Roche Posay’s Eau Micellaire to cleanse my face at night. What I loved about this product what how natural it was. No soap or perfume. But I’ve noticed recently that I’m breaking out more often and my skin just doesn’t feel as clear as it used to. I suppose I’m that little bit older, my skin is a bit more dehydrated and I’m definitely more stressed.

So I chatted with my girlfriends, my go to source for all my health and life related queries really. And a few of them swear by Liz Earle. I’ll admit I tried her exfoliator before and wasn’t too impressed. I also have her face mask and again wasn’t totally blown away. But this time, I more committed (and maybe a little foolish, though I did get this whole pack for €60, so it was worth trying)

So what have I got: liz-earle-products

The Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser & two muslin cloths

The Instant Boost Skin Tonic

Skin Repair Mosituriser – I wasn’t sure which moisturiser to go for. Despite my age and the amount of money I spend my skincare, I still don’t know what type of skin I have. I know it can be a bit sensitive and I have dryness around my jawline but I would still consider my skin to be combination. I’m hoping  with regular light exfoliation with the muslin cloth and a good moisturiser, my skin with start to improve.

I also got a free gift of their Super Skin Hand Serum.

Not a bad haul for €60

my-skinThe current condition of my skin. Doesn’t actually look too bad. Just can’t pick up the spots on this camera.

I’ll let you know how I get on.

Also, if you want to listen to Ms Earle herself talk about her products and give some suggestions for your skincare woes, she just happened to be interviewed an a radio show I freelance for, The Anton Savage Show. Listen here




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