Happiness often comes from unexpected places. A glass of vino with an old friend. Re-reading a favourite book. Going for a walk beside the sea. Mine is sharing a giggle with my mum. She’s a hoot at the best of times. But sometimes the laugh we share comes out of nowhere.

Like on a shopping trip. See she’s got a fab sense of style. What’s great about her is how she can spot an outfit’s potential on it’s lonely hanger.

But sometimes, just sometimes, she gets it wrong. And oh boy…. can she get it wrong.

IMG_1652These are some photos from our last shopping trip together.

Now, I would have said these outfits had no hanger appeal, but mommy dearest had faith.

This blue frock was more akin to a night gown from the 1940’s.  It actually matched the doors to the dressing room (despite being completely see-through).

The pink one we couldn’t figure out how you were supposed to wear it. I wish I’d recorded us trying to.


Anyway I just wanted to share this because it brightened up both our days. Laughing and being silly in these outfits, which I’m sure looked fab on someone else, gave us a great joy!

I still look back on these pics and giggle


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