GCVH0431I’ll start off with this… you wouldn’t want to be vain. The pic to the left is me post facial. A little rouge but I think you can see the nice glow from the treatment.

Last week I went to Rouge in Ranelagh for an express facial. Thirty minutes of pure heaven for €35.

Nice room. No fuss. Not too many frills, but for 35 quid it’s perfect. The treatment itself is very relaxing. Exfoliating, cleaning, extracting, moisturising and a lovely shoulder rub to top it all off.

What I like about Rouge is they don’t push their products on you. There’s not too much chatter if you don’t want it and the treatments are reasonable. Lots to choose from on their website. I’ll also add that there are obviously a lot more options out there for salons and I will be going to a few of them (yay!) over the next few months!

Admittedly this is only my second facial so I don’t have much to compare it with but I think this is the perfect top up to a regular routine. And for a broke gal in need of some lovin’ it was perfect. The next step is to go the whole hog for the hour and see the difference.

Any suggestions of places to try let me know!

Can’t wait x


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