I love writing this blog and, as many of you have read, I’ve lots to say.

That will continue!

But now it’s time for a little redirection. I wanna try something new.

For the next few months, I’ll be focusing on writing my novel. Oooo wee! Well it is long over due. And yeah, I’m pretty excited about it, so we’ll see. I will, of course, always keep an eye on what interests me and what needs to be talked about, but I want a positive section that contrasts with the challenge of writing a novel. So I’ve decided to focus on health, happiness and beauty. (I’m also in the very slow process of creating a website so hopefully this will all be easier to navigate in a while).

I’m not a big beauty obsessor, but, like a lot women, I love being pampered. I love simple things like getting my nails done. I’ve only just gotten into facials so this is something new I’m trying out. Your health is always important and happiness, well sometimes that’s a more difficult one to master. I’ve recently gone through a traumatic unexpected experience – a break up – and everyone keeps saying to me to mind myself and be good to myself. Plan nice things and treats. It is such positive advice and really we should follow it no matter where we are in life. So while I’m battling with the focus of completing a novel what a better way to make sure I continue being good to myself and of course share with you the fabulous things that are out there!

Let’s see how we go.

In the meantime you should check out MyWellbeing’s blog. Admittedly I do work for them (it’s a lovely Yoga studio on Dame Street) and I write for the blog. That said we do post lots of nice things about health and happiness and yummy treats.

Just this week, I posted a great recipe that Rachel found for Mini Vegan Blackberry Cheescakes. They look bleedin’ delicious!

And we’re always on the hunt for things to bring happiness and calm to you life. There’s the 10 to Zen or the 10 simple steps  to happiness.

If there’s something you want try but don’t have the time, money or patience let me know and I’ll see if I can review it here


Thanks as always to unsplash.com for the picture.

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