Okay, a quick moan about something superficial. Haters, well I may be one, but f*ck it, I’m going to rant anyway.

While researching another topic, I came across this by accident. It honestly stopped me in my tracks.


Some beauty blogger doing her make up with heel of a shoe as a guide. What? Okay fine, whatever gets the hits, right? As for the make up??? I was slack jawed at her pouting and smiling at the end result. This girl has taken the meaning of caked to a new level. She is CAKED. Back in the day, you would have said it was like drag queen make up. (No offence to anyone). What’s definitely a natural beauty beneath this orange mud, is in 15 seconds turned into a monster. It looks dirty and I can just smell the stench of fake tan off of her.

What stuns me is how this girl think she looks good with the end result? But then I thought, that’s unfair, Ciara. Everyone defines beauty in different ways. For some women, make up is their super power. They love exploring what it can do, how it can transform them. Others just couldn’t be bothered. It’s something they apply. Then there’s me. I love make up. I spend money on it to try and get the best results but I’m lazy about putting it on every day. When I do, I love how it makes me feel. And I’m constantly admiring women who wear great make up. Wondering how they managed to make it look a certain way. How it’s so flawless.

So I get it…

But I always thought the point of make up was to enhance your natural features. Not sedate them and create new ones. Or is that what transforming does? I know people will argue that this could be a night time look and therefore more dramatic. There’s also a wave of contouring going on – this girl is grabbing attention using her Louboutin heels to create her contours. Inventive. She’s also making a very overt statement about money. And the end result is sultry, sexy, slimming (?!!) and of course looks like one of the many Kardashians. Take your pic!

But I’m not looking at this video and coveting her or her look. Isn’t that what’s supposed to happen? Clearly it’s not aimed at me or my age group. I would think young women in their twenties may be more accurate. But I’m gonna go for it. I’m gonna lay it down the line and go for broke. I think her end result makes her look like a man. There! I said it. And…. I pity the man (or woman) who has to kiss that face and all the gak that comes off with it.

Okay, claws are back in. The Bitch is back in her cage.

Contour away my dear. Use inventive new techniques. Get the likes. Get the followers. But my advice. Take a look in the mirror every now and again. Because you’re hiding your natural beauty under layers of mud. And hell, it’s not setting the world alight!


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  1. I totally agree with you. Makeup is used to add definition to what exists already and not to hide what there is or create a whole new look. Makeup is used to enhance our beauty and
    not fucking hide it. Sadly, this is a concept that many do not know. Smh #women

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