For many years Irish people have sought better prospects aboard, mainly in England. But the flux of Irish emigrating to lands further afield, Canada, America, Australia, Asia, has increased since the Celtic Tiger gave it’s final roar in the late Noughties. As such it’s harder for people to come home, let alone for that yearly visit. And so, while they are enjoying the pastures green and new, many miss the craic and spraoi that these lands are known for.

Well, now, look no further than mine and Gareth’s (Kirwan) new YouTube channel – Irish Rover … Woof Woof

A lot of our friends and family have emigrated to shores far and wide. So we know what it’s like to feel nostalgic for this place, even if they’re forgetting it’s bitterly cold and wet all the time. Together we are capturing the moments they’re missing. Whether they be big or small, they’re all memorable.

So catch a glimpse of Paddy’s Day in Dublin’s fair city or the unusual street buskers that take a chance at fame. And watch this space for a video celebrating Ireland marking a hundred years since the Easter Rising of 1916. It will be up soon. With many more to come.




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