Since coming back from The Transom Story Workshop I’ve been desperate to keep that fire in my belly burning. Radio. Every time I meet someone new the voice inside me asks. Radio? Do they have a story to tell? Radio. Are they interesting enough to make me want to hear more? Many aren’t! (One thing I learnt from Transom is that not everyone has a story worth telling). But there are a lot of threads out there, so many it can get a bit overwhelming. Because radio, radio, radio, it’s always on my mind.

I have narrowed down a few to begin with. But like my final piece from Transom, they’re not easy subjects. I think the complexity of the topics I choose does unfortunately mean a much slower turn around, which is slightly frustrating.

But I am getting there.

I recently produced a segment for the American radio show The World.

Putting a face to a taboo word in Ireland: abortion.

Although it is a one off for them, I’m working on a more detailed feature piece, that will take a more in depth look at this topic – abortion. This, however, has proved a great starting point.

Have a read and listen to the piece here:

Abortion is a complex and emotionally fraught issue in Ireland. Those against it often use manipulation and mis-information to strengthen their case. Religion and a deep respect for life keeps many people on the fence and blind to the reality thousands of Irish women regularly face. Many who are pro-choice demand equality. Others want a lessening of our restrictive laws. But what is clear is we need to continue adding our voices to this issue. To this call for change.

Here’s a great article detailing the current situation in Ireland. And for the history on abortion in Ireland, look no further than here.

And I’m now in the process of creating a bigger piece that will look at how our attitudes have changed towards towards abortion. How in 30 years since the introduction of the 8th amendment to our Constitution we have regressed but that the campaign for change is stronger than ever.

Watch this space!


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