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Selena Gomez.

I was disturbed to read recently that she’s constantly the victim of body shaming. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a photo of Ms Gomez where I’ve gone, oh god girl, put down the pork pie, you need to hit that gym. Okay, she may still look about 13 when she’s in fact 23, which is a bit freaky when she’s prancing around in her sexy outfits. But other than that, she’s a healthy looking lass.

Really I shouldn’t be surprised. It seems nobody has the perfect body these days. What’s worse is that Gomez has revealed she’s been diagnosed with Lupus, an autoimmune disease. The girl is going through a lot, that much is clear. The haters need to back off. Team Selena, I’m on your side.

But then… I see her new album cover and I’m left a little frustrated. I really want to be on her side but I have to ask myself… Why Selena, Why? The album is called Revival and on the front Ms Gomez is posing in all her glory.

Shock horror?!

Nope. Not surprising in a world of Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian’s bum. It’s a black and white picture. She looks healthy, sexy and serious. She’s making a statement. Look at me. I happy with my body. Great. And you know what, so you should be. There’s a little of boob action for the boys and there’s a little bit of crotch action…. wait! Yes, her legs are akimbo. Only slightly but enough to draw your attention.

Okay I sound like a perve. And it took me a few double takes and a read around the net about the cover image to realise that she’s actually wearing very short high waisted shorts. I look at the picture now and I see them clearly. But I have to ask myself was this done intentionally? And yes I think it was. So here’s this young woman making a statement [that in some way really doesn’t ned to be made because she’s not overweight!!], a basic fuck you to body shamers [here, here!] but its tainted with this overt nod to her va-jay-jay!

I know what you’re probably thinking. She’s in her nip, we’re already thinking about sex. But isn’t this supposed to be about bodies? Not sex. Are we ever able to separate the two? I don’t want to seem like I’m hating on her for choosing to pose naked. I’m not but I think there’s a major conflict for women when its comes to sexuality and their bodies. By having her legs open you’re choosing sex rather than nature. I want women to be able to celebrate their bodies and not be afraid of nudity. But at the same time I’m sick of feeling we have to use our sexuality to make a statement. Or for many young female artists, sell records.

Maybe I’m overthinking this? [What men have been in this situation?]

Maybe that few inches of a gap is insignificant? [Show me a man in a similar situ?]

I watched a little video of her on and she speaks really eloquently. Gomez has been through a rough time. She probably did put on a bit of weight because of her chemo. Now she’s come through the other side. I get it. I get the want to go out there and say ‘This is me and I’m proud.’ I just wish, as a woman [who’s trying to be proud of her body], we could find another way.

Men don’t feel the need to put their nudity on display to the same degree.

So why should we?

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