The Heart

My absolute fav thing to do these days is listen to a podcast. I love throwing on my earphones and being swallowed up by other peoples stories. I discovered this new [to me] podcast called The Heart. It is so raw and exhilarating I get nervous listening to it. But it’s addictive and now that I’ve gotten my head around it, I just want more.

So The Heart used to be called Audio Smut – great name – and it appears to have been producing some mind blowing content about love, sex and all in between for several years! [Little bit of truth here: I’m only dipping into the Audio Smut stuff now. And have yet to uncover the first series of The Heart but just reading the descriptions of each show causes my ticker to beat faster]. Then it became The Heart and has continued to go beyond the bounds of regular podcasting. Delving in to the world around this essential organ with electrifying results. Okay, here’s the exact description taken from their Twitter page – @theheartradio: “A radio show about the terrors and triumphs of intimacy, the bliss and banality of being in love and the wild diversity of the human heart”.

Where I did come in was for a section called The Heatwave. There are four eps so far. This is the summer series. It appears to be from the back catalogue of Audio Smut. A clever way to fill their summer gap before Season Two. And I have to say I’m awe struck by them. But the latest one, The Beach, is what got me wanting to write about this show. It’s about a young woman who has to wear an ostomy bag and how she comes to terms with her new body. My breath cut through me at several points as I listened to her honesty and humility. I questioned my own strength of character and wondered would I have it in me to go through what she does!

Stop what you’re doing and listen to it right now. The intimacy of these stories are so refreshing and challenging it’s a constant reminder of why I love radio. We can spend our days listening to the mindless chatter of some talk show host. But not when there are fascinating, disturbing and endearing stories (all at once sometimes) waiting to be uncovered. Do yourself a favour and get on The Heart.

And check back here soon for reviews on other great Podcasts.

Oh I do realise this may seem like a woman’s piece… It’s not… Men be brave and open your mind [Check out The P-Spot] – you may learn something.

One other thing, if you want to know more about The Heart, there’s a great interview with the host, Kaitlin Priest, on a podcast called Tape. Gives an excellent insight and history to the show.

[Picture curtesy of @theheartradio twitter page]

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