Great piece by John Oliver on the struggles Transgender people continue to face in the US. I love this guy. He slaps the stupidity out of all of us and always has a refreshing take on what’s relevant right now. He knows how to strip it down so that we only focus on what’s important. I’ve learnt so much from him. I’m serious!

I was so delighted to see last week that all 50 US states had joined us here in little old Ireland in saying YES to equality and YES to Love!!

But I agree with John Oliver, with regards to Transgender people, we’!ve still a long way to go. I’m still learning so much about it but I worry about what safety nets we have in place for transgender people here in Ireland. What support systems do we provide? It seems nuts that in America some people are campaigning for it to be a misdemeanour if you pee in the opposing bathroom to the ‘sex’ you were assigned at birth. Is this for trans-people only? What if I was bursting and just had to go in the men’s, as I did, admittedly as a very young scallywap, many a time? It makes me realise that a lot of the things I take for granted as a cisgender person (I just learnt this word, so I hope I’m using it right) a lot of trans-people struggle hard for the same equality. It goes without saying, it’s ridiculous!

TENI seems like a great website and it also has a page dedicated to Trans Terms for the uninformed like me. I’m going to go away and do some more research and I’ll post what I’ve found out in a few weeks.

Do comment in the meantime if you are transgender and living in Ireland. I’d love to hear from you and your experiences.

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