Welcome to ‘Shure Look It’. Shhure. Press heavy on your lips, gloss them with a schexy Irish accent, and you have it. Shhhure! Of course that’s not the correct spelling, I hear you say. It should have been Sure Look It but some tricksy soul had already pilfered it. So… I threw in a H (curtesy of the quick thinking of my better half) and we were away in a hack. The name lends itself to a contrast I feel. The ‘Ah Sure Look It….’ frame of mind is sometimes the only way we can make sense of something and move on. But deep beneath this light hearted attitude will be, what I hope is, a thinking blog. Looking at the ways of the world, our place as women and men in it, and just simply questioning it.

So here I am. Warts and all. Ha, maybe! Let’s see where this takes us…..

Shure look it…. it could be worse!

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